What to expect?


Please contact your doctor for approval of your tattooing procedure to make sure your are healed enough to proceed.

Normally a minimum time that surgeons recommend to wait before going ahead with your nipple tattoos is between 3-6 months.

This can vary due to the presence of a reconstructed nipple and the new scarring that is presented. You may be asked to sign a waiver to accept responsibility that you have recieved confirmation from your surgeon to go ahead with nipple tattooing.

If you have feeling in the area, it is recommended to prenumb the area using a topical numbing cream. Numbing creams can be purchased from a chemist (Emla or Numit are common creams). This is to be applied to the area an hour prior to your session and covered with cling wrap. Makes sure the cream is applied nice a thick and not rubbed fully into the skin. To make you feel more comfortable during the tattooing procedure I can apply a compounded numbing gel to the area to help with any discomfort.

Throughout your procedure there may be inflamation and a small amount of bleeding- this is normal. There is never any excess amount of bleeding.

After the procedure you may notice that your new nipple tattoo is inflamed and the colour has been enhanced due to the redness in your skin. This is normal. This doesnt means that we have chosen the wrong colour, the inflammation will subside over the next few hours.

Some may experience itchyness & dryness to the area during the healing process, this is normal. Make sure you keep the tattooed nipples hydrated by using the aftercare recommended by your technician. This helps to avoid any cracking of the new tattoo which may lead to infection.

In rare cases, bruising may occur, this can be due to some of the medications that you are on which have been prescibed by your doctor. Do not stop taking any medications that have been prescribed by your doctor. Some of thesde medications may inhibit the healing process and your technician can discuss any healing issues with you in your consulations prior to starting the tattooing. Theres never anything to worry about though because we have followup sessions to ensure the correct amount of pigment is implanted into the area.

This is a minimum 2 session procedure. This is because we have to be careful of tattooing on compromised skin or scarring and caution needs to be taken.