'The funny thing was that when my husband took the pictures, he took a while to figure out which one was the real one and which one was the tattoo...confirmation that you are an amazing artist! Thank you again for doing this Aleisha, I am so pleased with the result, its so authentic!' Susan
'Until just recently I would never have imagined that I would have a tattoo, let alone visit a tattoo artist, but at 68 years of age following a bilateral mastectomy for breast cancer and subsequent reconstruction things just didn't look finished. I am so glad that I met Aleisha and was open minded enough to consider and go ahead with the 3D tattoos that she offers for breast cancer survivors. After lots of major surgery, I couldn't face the plastic surgeon yet again, but every time I looked in the mirror it just wasn't right. Aleisha put me at ease and her studio felt so comfortable whilst being clean and hygienic that I coped well with the experience and I am absolutely delighted by the result. I would recommend her skill to anyone who finds themselves in my position. It has given me a feeling of satisfaction to know that I look like my old self even though logically that will never be the case. Thank you so much Aleisha.' Sandra
'Many thanks for your help. I am truly surprised at how much different the tattoos make me feel. Just catching my reflection in the mirror after a shower is no longer horrific.  I know it's just smoke and mirrors, but they look so real! Even I am tricked! And it feels GREAT!! THANK YOU!!' Laura
'My nips look amazing!' Skevi
'The nurse and surgeon were very impressed, I believe the Breast Surgeon said” best nipples I’ve seen” Sue