Why I created the temporary nipple tattoo?


Hey Everyone!

I've been working on the design of each 3D Temporary Tattoo for a few months now, I've chosen 3 main colours to start with and will do another 3 plus a few other fun options. 

A lot of the women I have tattooed for Post Mastectomy Nipples have told me they weren't 'reeeally' prepared to lose their nipples. This made me think- what could i possibly do to help these women through their treatment. Depending on the type of cancer and the type of treatment depends on whether they can be tattooed straight after or if they have to wait. Radiation causes the skin the be super thin and sometimes the Lymphatic system isn't stable enough to have anything done either. 

So I started to do research and have developed Australia's first 3D Temporary Nipple Tattoo. I am hoping to have these stocked in Wig & Bra Shops around Australia who cater for Mastectomy clients.

What better gift for someone than giving them a bunch of flowers and a 6 month pack of 3D Temporary Nipple Tattoos. Lets share the love and help these women feel whole again xxx